Digicel Bermuda Sponsors Burch


Digicel Bermuda will be sponsoring two-time Olympic swimmer Roy-Allan Burch to the tune of $7,200 per year leading up to the 2016 Olympics.

Burch was on hand for the announcement at the National Aquatic Centre today with family members, Sport Minister Wayne Scott and members of Digicel Bermuda.

Members of the Bermuda Amateur Swimming Association (BASA) and the Bermuda Olympic Association (BOA) were also in attendance.

The proceedings were capped off by a four-person team that comprised of three Digicel employees, and anchored by Minister Scott, competing against Burch. The Olympian won.

Also among the festivities yesterday was a 25-metre race between Minister Scott and Digicel CEO Wayne Caines, a result that went in the Minister’s favour.

“It is an honour to become a part of the Digicel team,” said Burch. “It’s an amazing feeling to get support from such a strong company.

“Receiving solid support is a major factor in my success and I am very happy that Digicel has joined with me in my journey to the Rio Olympic Games.”

The money given to the Burch will go towards his air travel, food and accommodations in his bid to qualify for the Games.

Last year, Burch finished 24th overall in 50 metres freestyle at the London Games and broke the Bermuda national record with a time of 22.49 seconds. Earlier this year Burch competed in the World Championships held in Barcelona where he set a new Bermuda national record of 50.66 seconds in 100 metres freestyle.

“We are privileged to have this opportunity to support an athlete who has displayed extraordinary talent and skill in the sport of swimming, says Caines. “Often, we look abroad for sources of inspiration. It’s refreshing to be inspired by a young Bermudian focused on growth and success in a sport that offers both personal advancement as well as promotes Bermuda’s mark in the sport internationally.”

Shane Mora, Marketing Director of Digicel Bermuda, added: “Olympian Roy-Allan Burch defines dedication. This is a young man who moved to North Carolina to develop his swimming career and trains hard in pursuit of his dream, yet still finds time to work with young swimmers. We are happy to give him this push and look forward to sharing in his success at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.”559213_10151689876149545_631669523_n

Finis Sponsorship

Livermore, CA – (May 9, 2013) FINIS, a world leader in technical swimming products that maximize your swimming potential and technique, announces the sponsorship of Olympic athlete, Roy-Allan Saul Burch. The sprinter from Bermuda currently lives and trains in Cornelius, North Carolina and was a member of both the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Teams. Representing Bermuda, Roy-Allan gained valuable International experience and finished 24thoverall in the Men’s 50m Freestyle event in London.

Burch, R-A

Burch currently holds eight National records for his country including the 50m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle, 50m Butterfly, and the 50m Backstroke. He has represented Bermuda at the FINA World Championships since 2007 and has reached the final heats of prominent International competitions, such as the Commonwealth Games and the Pan-American Games. Burch earned his MA in Business Management from Springfield College (Mass.) in 2008 and was a standout performer during his time representing the Pride.

Burch, R-A (2)

Burch is poised to make another run at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, where he will race for the chance to be the fastest man in the water. When thinking about the next Olympics, Burch quickly refers to his favorite inspirational quote: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

John Mix, President and CEO of FINIS, commented on the new athlete sponsorship. “We are very excited to have Roy-Allan as one of our FINIS athletes. We are a small company that wants to make a big splash in the world, and Roy-Allan has the same mindset. We look forward to sharing in his future success.”

About FINIS:

Founded in 1993 in Northern California, FINIS was started by John Mix and Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer Pablo Morales. The Monofin and the Swimmer’s Snorkel were the first products they developed for the US market; afterwards, they continued to focus on creating training tools for swimmers and coaches worldwide. FINIS products are currently available in over 65 countries and are used by US and International Olympic teams, elite triathletes, and fitness swimmers.

Innovative research and design is FINIS’ highest priority. This dedication has resulted in truly unique products such as: the Swimmer’s Snorkel, which is recognized as the paramount tool to improve a swimmer’s technique, the SwiMP3 that uses bone conduction technology to play music instead of using ear buds, and the Z2 Zoomers fins, which demonstrate an intimate understanding of swimming musculature, hydrodynamics, and engineering.

Visit the FINIS Blog at www.finisinc.com/blog

The Open: Week 3


It’s déjà vu all over again. Open Workout 13.3 has been announced and it’s a repeat of Open Workout 12.4.

Workout 13.3 separates two classic CrossFit workouts — Karen and 30 muscle-ups for time — with 90 double-unders. And you have just 12 minutes to get as many rounds and reps as you can.

The difference from last year is the special tiebreaker. Just like in13.1, time must be noted after athletes finish each section of the workout. So, when an athlete finishes 150 wall balls, the judge must mark the time. Same goes for the 90 double-unders and 30 muscle-ups, if the athlete gets there.

“You have to respect this workout. There is not a lot of time to complete the movements with the high skilled movement of muscle ups at the end of the triplet. I consider myself good at muscle ups but have not had to perform them under a time constraint. Im hoping to get to the muscle ups with a few minutes to get through as many reps as I can. I remember watching the members at Crossfit LKN compete in this workout last year and it looked challenging. I believe I have the capacity to get to the muscle ups and complete a minimum of 10 but these workouts can surprise you,” says Burch.